| 5 Lansell's Place,
6 April, 1866.

My dear Miller,

You see from the address  Zu Marx’ Kuraufenthalt in Margate siehe Erl. zu Engels an Marx, 5.3.1866.
that I have been banished to the seaside
by   George Allen.
my medical adviser.

After having received  W. Liebknecht an Marx, 8.2.1866.
your last letter,
and  Siehe Erl. zu Marx an S. Meyer, 24.1.1866 und A. Vogt an Marx, 5.2.1866.
some letters on the part of our Berlin friends,
my sickness assumed a really dangerous character. For some time it was very doubtful whether or not that decomposition of the blood, under which I labour, should get the better of me. It was only towards the middle of March that I was bodily enabled to remove myself to this place. I am | now restored, and shall very soon return to London. But again a quarter of a year has been lost!

Write me immediately under my London address.

 Zur Reorganisation der Zeitung „The Commonwealth“ siehe Marx an Engels, 10.2.1866 und Erl. zu Marx an J. Ph. Becker, zw. 9. u. 15.1.1866.
After my return, I shall regularly send you the “Commonwealth” (under which altered title the “Workman's Advocate” was is now published.) It is only since a few weeks that it has been registered for Transmission for abroad. Eccarius is no longer the editor, but only a contributor. It was to be foreseen, that so soon as the paper should get some sort of standing, a Foreigner would not be allowed to retain the nominal leadership. 

| Write me

1) about the state of “our” movement in Germany,

2) about the state of German politics.

Yours truly
K. M.

My best compliments to  Ernestine Liebknecht.



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