| 15 March 1866.

My Dear Frederic,

The bearer of these lines is Cesare Orsini.
citizen Orsini,
the brother of   Felice Orsini. Dieser hatte am 14. Januar 1858 mit einer Gruppe von Gesinnungsgenossen in Paris ein misslungenes Bombenattentat auf Napoléon III verübt und war am 13. März 1858 hingerichtet worden.
the immortal martyr,
and a member of our association. He leaves England for the U.States, whence he will return in some months.  Siehe Engels an Marx, 2.4.1866 und Marx an Engels, 6.4.1866.
Your advice on commercial matters may, perhaps, prove useful to him. At all events, you will be delighted to make his personal acquaintance.

Yours truly
K. Marx

Mr. Frederic Engels, 7, Southgate, St. Mary’s, Manchester.

P.S. I know that Bradlaugh is an honest man and occupies a respectable position in the City as solicitor.

| Fred. Engels,
7, Southgate, St. Mary’s,



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