Industrial Newspaper Company,


You are urgently requested to attend  Die Sitzung der Aktionäre der Industrial Newspaper Company (Erl. zu Marx an J. Ph. Becker, zw. 9. u. 15.1.1866) fand am 19. März 1866 statt. Siehe Marx an Engels, 24.3.1866 .
a Meeting of Shareholders on the 19th day of March 1866,
at the Company’s Offices, 18, Bouverie-street, Fleet-street, for the purpose of considering the propriety of increasing the nominal capital of the Company.

R. Applegarth,

18, Bouverie Street.—January 31st, 1866.

| My Dear Sir

I beg you will favour us with your presence on  Die Sitzung des Direktoriums fand Montag, den 12. März 1866 statt. Siehe Marx an Engels, 24.3.1866.
Monday hften(?) at the Directors Meeting.

I have also the pleasure to inform you that at the shareholders Meeting yourself with  Peter Fox, George Howell, John Weston und Arthur Miall. Siehe Marx an Engels, 10.2.1866.
4 others
was appointed  Siehe Marx an Engels, 10.2.1866.
a Comittee to supervise the matter
to go into  „The Commonwealth” (London).
the Paper.

I am Dear Sir
yours truly
Secretary Dr Marx


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