| 11 Braustr. Leipzig

Dear Williams!

You see, I am again in the old quarters. I send you 50 copies of a brochure, please have them sold (3 P) in the Society and the amount sent to me. Perhaps Engels will take a few copies. I want the money for our Paper, which is to appear end of next month.

Tell Eccarius to send me a good correspondence middle of Dec. (He will get something). And could you and Engels not send an article now and then?

Jane’s letter has given me great pleasure; she must not be angry with me for not having answered it. My time is awfully taken up; besides my usual superabundance | of work I have to bear now the penalties of popularity, being robbed of my time without getting anything in my pocket. Well, for the moment I must bear it. Apropos: One of my greatest admirers is—Venedey!

I am exercising my teeth on your work. It’s a giant’s work. Now you need not be afraid any more of dying before your time.

If you could prevail on Meissner (who sent me my copy just when I had gone to Berlin, but nobody forwarded it to me), to send me a second copy for Dr. Contzen, Privatdocent here; I know him, he is a Roscherian, but honest and would write if not a good but certainly a long review, which would also be useful.

| Is Laura married? How are you all? I feel often a certain homesickness for London in general and Kentish Town in particular.

Is Lochner still well? Tell me his address.

My children are well.

Good bye. My love to all.

Why was the Beehive sent me? I cannot discover anything noteworthy in it. |



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