| 4 Charles Street.
Northampton Square.

Dear Marx.

I have some engagements to meet  14. Oktober 1867. Siehe H. Jung an Marx, 5.10.1867 .
by monday next
, could you oblige me by returning me the £ 4.– I lent you some time since; if it should be putting you out too much to give me the whole, half of it will be very welcome; please to let me know  12. Oktober 1867. Siehe auch H. Jung an Marx, 5.10.1867 .
by saturday

  William Broadhead, einer der Verantwortlichen für die sogenannten Sheffield Outrages, dem für seine Aussagen zu den gewalttätigen Unruhen Immunität zugesichert wurde, und der – trotz zugegebener Schuld – Mitglied Gewerkschaft blieb. Siehe E. S. Beesly an Marx, 24.7.1867 und Erl.
I feel quite disgusted with the cowardly behaviour of the trades unions “leaders” concerning Broadhead
; I was a good mind to attend their meeting last night & to move an amendment; but I did not do so, simply on account of our association, for I thought it would place our council in an awkward position vis-à-vis the trades unions.

| Nevertheless I think something ought to be done to bring about a reaction in the public opinion; if I had time I would write a letter to the papers because I believe that if one single voice was bravely raised in defence of Broadhead, the common sense would get the better of the working classes & they would be sure to come round again, but as it is they are staggered & will be some time before they come to their senses again.

Unfortunately to write such a letter would take me a good time & I have none to spare; I leave it to you, if not to defend at least to extenuate B.’s acts; I’ll only say this: that whatever you may write I shall not hesitate to sign my name at the bottom.

Fraternally yours
Hn Jung.

Remember me kindly to   Jenny Marx.
Madame Marx
& to the   Jenny, Laura und Eleanor Marx.
. |



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