My dear Janey,


2As I want to make this sheet worth the fourpence its transport to Paris will cost me, I shall begin by copying the letter your ‘little friend’ sent on the day of your departure.

3“‘Geliebte Freundin,‘

4I send this by post because I am afraid I should not see you if I called & I should therefore lose time in letting you know the important matter it contains. Henry’s ‘free’ nights are Monday 24 June, Monday 1 July, Tuesday 2 July, Thursday 4 July.

5There is a choice! I hope one of these evenings will be convenient. Oh! how badly I am writing! It is the effects of dissipation which make my hand unsteady. We went to see some amateur theatricals last night at St. Georges’ Hall. A toi de coeur


7For answer to this, I wrote & fixed the 2nd as the first practicable day.

8Up to Saturday the prospects for the party looked very gloomy indeed. Kättchen, the Pearses, Tom Collet, Walter Keys etc kept up a battery of refusals until myself was quite disheartened & not the best of humanes generally indulged in. I wrote some half dozen notes, right & left; to the Baguleys, the Crossmans, the Pearses, the Woodnut-Delamars etc etc. The three former have now accepted for the 2nd July: the latter have not yet replied to the second invitation. Charles Manning had complained of having had no separate letter, so I sent him one (a formal note, of course) which I believe will make him come. The German also intends coming, with, if possible, a satellite or two. The Raimondis & Lees are not yet asked & had, unless nesessary, better, I think, be left out. Henry would probably not come. Mohr will write to Gowa in the case of case of whose accepting a ‘more promising lot’ than usual will have been scraped together. At present all looks the colour of my red ink, but I have not yet quite recovered from the more dismal last week’s impressions. My head got rather muddled by proving & comming, for I […]